[resolved] Why are local source filenames not related in the memory of the UOSA (EC) client listed?

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I have found the names of the source files (.cpp and .h) of the program being developed in the process memory of the UOSA (EC) client at work not related to UO at all.

sorry, my misunderstanding

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  • The UO2D (CC) client did the same.
    veterinary meister
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    With so few details, I can only speculate.  What you may be seeing is data memory of the UO client which the program does not bother clearing before using.  So if you snoop something "UO", it could just be leftover scraps in memory from what you had been doing previously.  I sincerely doubt that the UO developers have the time, interest, or motivation to be snooping around the PCs of their player base. 
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  • >Rock
    I think your point is correct.
    I posted misunderstanding content due to lack of study, there was no translation.

    I appreciate it.
    veterinary meister
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