Lumberjacking - Yew Wood?

I have recently GM'd lumberjacking, and have been hacking at trees all day.

I've gotten 30k oak, 6k ash, 2k bloodwood, 1.5k heartwood so far. No frostwood or yew.

The frostwood is understandable, since apparently it's super rare, but I wonder why I never got any Yew Wood? Does it only spawn in Yew or something? (I did collect some wood in Yew but most of my wood came from other locations.)


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    It is random and you've just not hit a spot yet. I have not done any LJ'd in a while so maybe someone who has can attest they've not accidentally stopped it? That does seem like a lot of other wood and not receive Yew. I know it does spawn in other spots than Yew as I've never LJ'd in Yew. I'm an East Brit girl. :)
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    Are you GM real skill?  I've looked at several guides but still not sure that makes a difference but that's a lot of wood cut to not get some Yew.  To my knowledge all woods can be harvested in any area that wood can be chopped.  Frostwood is one of those "Does it really exist anymore?" things, but Yew for me hasn't been that difficult.  Fortunately for me, I don't have many uses for Yew and I have a lot of stock from years of lumber jacking.  However, I never hack trees anymore even though it was a "therapy" for years in game and I really did enjoy it.  With the random wood, it takes me a very few minutes to get frustrated remembering how it used to be so I have just quit doing it.  sad
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    Yeah resource randomization.  One of those great ideas to stop scripters that ultimatley resulted in scripters being the ones that benifited the most from it.  ::rolls eyes::
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    I can confirm that all woods are spawning, at least on Origin.  Today I got some of each in Ter Mur during 1 pack-horse session (1600 boards + what I can carry).  I also got a brilliant amber, a crystal shard, and various quantities of bark fragments, luminescent fungi, switches, and parasitic plants.  Note that the race of my lumberjack is Elf, so he has a greater likelihood of getting colored woods and other resources than Humans or Gargoyles.

    The random number generator can be a b*tch.  I believe that is what happened to you concerning the Yew wood today.  Also, the spawning of various woods on a given day is not a random occurrence.  Trees "remember" what wood they spawned last, and IIRC each new chopping session has a 20% chance to reset what had been spawning there.  So if I found a "bloodwood tree", it will have an 80% chance of still being a bloodwood tree tomorrow.  I'm sure the dev's goal is that, over the long term, wood spawn types will be random.  But they also wanted players to have a good chance to re-use known trees.

    I think what @Parnoc is sad about is remembering the very old system, where once a tree was known to be heartwood, it would stay that way.  You could even build lumberjacking runebooks which would bring you to exact trees, and they'd still be the same months from then.  The same was true for mining. (IIRC a new publish would reset the resources, though.) This was an efficient system for dedicated resourcers, but it sort of defeated the purpose of "rarity".  If you always know where to get frostwood, how is it rare?  Scarcity simply meant it took longer to build your runebook.

    (Note that Ter Mur is the only place where crystal shards spawn while Lumberjacking.  All the other resources are equally likely to spawn anywhere. And, of course, you get double wood or ore per swing in Felucca.)
    Rock (formerly Imperterritus VXt, Baja)
  • ObuwObuw Posts: 47
    Yep, the character is GM real skill, and an Elf.

    I have actually just gotten some Yew. So it does apparently spawn. But it's strange that it's much rarer than heartwood/bloodwood.

    Maybe it's the specific locations I'm farming. But I was under the impression that the wood in each spot randomizes every 15 minutes anyway.

    Oh well, it's not like Yew is a particularly useful type of wood. I was just curious.

    @Rock, those are some *really* amazing odds if you got every colored wood while just farming ~1800 logs!

    And good reminder about crystal shards. I probably should have been farming there to begin with.
  • RockRock Posts: 567
    @Obuw, I agree on the odds against me getting "everything" in one packhorse session.  One thing in my favor was I already knew where bloodwood, heartwood, and yew trees were likely to still be.  And up until yesterday I had never gotten a brilliant amber in Ter Mur after multitudes of lumberjacking excursions there.  I was beginning to wonder whether in Ter Mur crystal shards spawned instead of brilliant amber.  But then I got both in the same session.

    No, wood does not generally randomize every 15 minutes.  My guess is that it is event driven.  For hypothetical example, a tree running out of wood would be an event that would cause a resource check.  I.e. there would be a 20% chance that the tree's resource would change from it's current secondary wood to another.  The secondary type would include ordinary logs, making the tree 100% ordinary for its next session(s). Mining probably works the same way (even if that way is not this particular algorithm).
    Rock (formerly Imperterritus VXt, Baja)
  • TimStTimSt Posts: 1,626

    I have found lots of yew North East of Britain.  Filled up a Runic Atlas with the locations.  For me most trees remain the same wood type long after their initial harvest.

  • CisseroCissero Posts: 22
    I was just collecting wood last night. Got a bunch of Oak & Yew just south of Luna.
  • SlayviteSlayvite Posts: 113
    One thing to remember with Lumberjacking is Bloodwood, Heartwood and Frostwood are all GM Lumberjacking and of which it will check for Blood and heart before Frost.
    A way to get a higher chance of Frostwood drops is to use Melisande's corroded hatchet, this gives an +5 to the lumberjack skill and although it don't show it, it basically makes a GM into a 105.
    Thus less skill passes at the lower level ticks.

    Just remember to NOT use it on passing mobs as it's also a -50% DI weapon. lol
  • ObuwObuw Posts: 47
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    I have read from multiple sources that mel's hatchet doesn't make a difference if you're already GM (Just like Jacob's Pickaxe.) But of course there is a lot of false information floating around, so you could be right.
  • SlayviteSlayvite Posts: 113
    Yeah, the "official" word is it doesn't make a difference...…(but then they could never actually explain how Luck worked either until they re-wrote it)
    All I know is I get a lot more Frostwood now I use Meli's hatchet than when I just used a normal hatchet.
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    The Devs, in their infinite wisdom, decided that cornering the market on Frostwood would cause too much harm to the world. You can't even find it on merchant/orc ships where it should absolutely exist just on common sense alone, but of course it doesn't . Its rumored that changes will be coming to High Seas though. Look for them sometime in 2021.
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    Please make the Grizzled Mare a 5 slot mount, it's incredibly rare and deserves it. Some of us have been waiting a long time for this simple addition.
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    you can also use the lumberjacking maps from fletching & carpentry BODs (fletching BODs are easier). I used about 300 oak boards to make items for each BOD and get about 1000-2000 bloodwood boards (that's what I aim for) or use 300 bloodwood to get the same amount of frostwood

    I also found that if  you chop wood in Eodon near the moongate that you get lot of wood, I have literally filled my beetle & my pack before the tree was empty. I have gotten Oak, Yew & Ash there
    but usually 400-600 boards at a time when found
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