Stone Slith

So could one of the Devs like to give us an idea on why they introduced the Stone Slith to taming?
I mean...after training one's pointless??
levels 1 to 5, but no specials, no over-caps, can ONLY add poisoning to it?
Pre-loaded with Tail swipe / Grasping claw / Bleed, making it's synergies all over the place...
Heck it's made of stone so it could have at a minimum been immune to poison.
2 levels too much for a bog standard pet, sooo many points left over at lvl 5

It's like you just gave up when you got that far down the list??

Now how about because it Eats metal, making it so it takes on the damage properties of the ingots it eats for a while??
At least then it might have a use?
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