Character Can Get Permanently Blocked From Using Soulstones

KhyroKhyro Posts: 230
This only affects characters that were in this state prior to Pub 100, as it is no longer possible to enter this bugged state. However, this bugged state can still exist on Live.

If a character has an active mastery for a skill they do not have anymore (i.e. soulstoned off), they will become permanently blocked from using Soulstones, as there is no way to de-activate the mastery, since de-activating a mastery requires 90 real skill.

The only way to exit this state is to have another skill at 90-real that uses a mastery. This mastery can then be switched to, then de-activate it; however, if the character has no other mastery skills at 90+ real, they are unable to use soulstones.

Steps to Reproduce
   *** NOTE: This state cannot be reproduced on Live, but it can still affect Live characters. This can probably be recreated on Test Center with the use of "set skill" commands.
  1. Give a character 90 real skill in a mastery skill
  2. Use any level primer for the skill given in step 1
  3. Activate the skill mastery
  4. Remove the mastery skill (must be done on TC with "set skill 0")
  5. Try to use a soulstone
  6. Observe message indicating you cannot use soulstone because you have an active mastery
  7. Use Book of Masteries context menu to switch masteries, attempt to de-activate mastery
  8. Observe error message indicating you cannot use the mastery as you do not have 90 skill
  9. You are now stuck in this state, unable to de-activate the mastery, and unable to re-soulstone the required skill.
  10. Your only choice at this point is to level a new mastery skill to 90 natural, in order to switch to that mastery and then de-activate it.

Expected Results
You should not require 90 real skill in order to de-activate a mastery skill.

Other Notes
I did relog on the Character, and the Passive skill for the mastery is correctly removed; however the mastery remains active.
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  • KhyroKhyro Posts: 230
    Update: GM River was able to fix this issue for me after paging, but it still shouldn't be possible to get stuck in this state.
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  • BleakBleak Posts: 143Dev
    We are aware of this issue and it will be resolved.
  • Max_BlackoakMax_Blackoak Posts: 626
    @Bleak while you're at it, could you please let us use of soulstones without deactivating the mastery first? It's really annoying and the cool down after activating a mastery makes this a real issue, especially on Siege Perilous where people switch skills a lot (only 1 char) to craft things for example.
    Taking off a skill who's mastery is active should simply deactivate the mastery (much like you can't use special moves of you stone off tactics for example).
    If it absolutely has to be manually deactivated could we at least get rid of the cooldown after activating a mastery until you can activate a different one? (I can see how this could be exploited though to switch between masteries mid-battle according to situations.)
  • BleakBleak Posts: 143Dev
    This has been resolved.
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