A call to arms! - Guardsmen Militia of Yew (Grd)

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"This weather..." The young man thought to himself as he walked through the night. It was mix of rain and snow, the wind hard and unforgiving, even the enormous Yew trees rocked back and forth from the stongest squalls, it occured to him that he had never been this far north. His musings were suddenly interupted by a wierd sound from the forest, it sounded like a dry cackling laughter, he picked up his pace. Soon after he found himself at a crossroad where a faint broke the darkness not too far ahead. He took a left and soon the young man found himself surrounded by tall dark buildings but he headed for the building with light coming from the windows. He looked up at the dimly illuminated sign before he opened the door, "The Kings Deer Tavern" It said.
The barkeep nodded to him as he entered and returned to cleaning some dirty mugs. Not much could be said about the interior, the furniture was crude and a few old paintings were hanging here and there. At the bar sat a single patron slumped over the table, he was wearing an old cap and a weather beaten, tattered travelers cloak across his back and broad shoulders, next to him a thick cane was resting up against the bar. The young man pulled out a stool and sat down next to the patron, "Good evening, some weather tonight ehh!". The patron muttered a greeting in a heavy yewish accent under his breath and slowly turned his head, he reeked of alchohol.
The young man winced, the patron was clearly an old man, his face was a roadmap of deep angry red scar tissue and wrinkles, his nose was crooked, probably broken a few too many times, a scruffy full beard covered his cheeks and chin. The old mans eyes, almost hidden under a hooded browline, met his, they looked weary and haunting yet the young man was sure he could sense a faint sparkle of tenacity. "Wha' are ye eyeballin' me for, lad!?" The old man grumbled as he drummed some fingers on the table, he was missing two of them. "Oh nothing, I'm traveling up from a hamlet near Skara Brae with a trade order for the Yew Market" he replied, "Did you used to be a soldier?". The old man nodded and took a swig from a bottle infront of him, "Aye, of sorts.. Old Militia man yer see.. Skara Brae was it, walked 'ere alone?". "Why yes, set out alone yester..", the old man interupted him; "Yer either daft, struck with dumb luck or both!". The young was about to object but the old man continued, "The woodlands south o'ere be crawlin' with Liches, seen many a good men die out there.." The old man said as he turned his head to look out a window with a distant and gloomy look in his eyes. He gulped at the realisation what had been the source of the noice he heard out in the woods. ".. So what is this place then?" The young man asked to change the subject. "Why, 'tis be the Stonekeep garrison of course, just arrived 'ere me self. Are ye here to enlist as well?", the young man tilted his head quizically "As I said I'm running a trade order.. As well? Aren't you too... old.. to re-enlist?". The old man let out a chuckle "Aye, probably am but Ah just can't seem to let go of duties past.. These old bones still 'ave a few good swings left in 'em!".
Suddenly a bell began to ring outside accompanied by cries of alarm, "What the.." The young man started as the old man slid a piece of parchment across the table to him, "The pay is shite but ye wont ever find work as meaningful as 'tis.". The old man got up from his stool with an exaggerated grunt, his cloak parted revealing an old and battered platemail armor. He grumbled some profanities as he hefted the staff onto his shoulder. Except the young man came to realise that it wasn't a staff. It was the biggest warhammer the young man had ever seen, the shaft littered with countless notches in rows of five, "Whats going on?" the young man asked nervously. The old man shrugged and turned and set of towards the door "Orcs probably, or maybe those bloody Vesperians are up ter no good again.. Ah Hate 'em with a passion!". He opened the door but stopped abruptly in the doorway and turned around, "Think about it ehh!" the old man pointed at the parchment infront of the young man who in turn picked it up.

Out of Character:

The Guardsmen Militia of Yew is a low fantasy roleplaying guild on the Europa shard, that is almost as old as Ultima Online it self. We are looking for new members, especially in light of Endless Journeys upcomming release. It doesn't matter if you are new to the game, a seasoned veteran or a returning player, if you are interested come join us on discord and have a word.

The core aspect of Grd is the roleplaying experience in itself, the life of simple folk whom has taken up arms to defend something they believe is worth fighthing for. Otherwise the emphasis is on player versus monster content, be it treasure hunts, dungeon crawls or story driven tasks to deal with local bandits and the like! Should the roleplaying community on Europa see a resurgence in the time to come, tension between the different cities might occur, resulting in some player versus player skirmishes, time will tell!

Hope to see YOU in Stonekeep!
Best regards,
The player of Kain and the rest of Grd.




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