Pets with High Wrestling



  • HarlequinHarlequin Posts: 5
    I'm pretty sure pets don't have a fizzle % like players do.  When the PetAI decides to cast a spell, it has a 100% chance to cast.  Someone once told me that the PetAI takes the skill level into account when deciding what spells to cast.  So Flamestrike for example.  If your pet at 106 magery it will cast "maximum" flamestrikes.  Having 120 magery will not increase the number of flamestrikes it casts because its already at 100% on the AI's spell list.  However if your pet only has 90 Magery (a player would have a 60% success chance), it translates to casting 40% less Flamestrikes.   So the PetAI decides it is time to cast a spell it rolls off its spell table.   The weight of flamestrike is 60% in that table... meaning 40% of the time it would have cast flamestrike, it casts something else. 

    I have no idea if that claim is true.   Just something some random person told me while we were training at shadow elementals.  
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