Kerahl's Will Be Done (PEC Event) -- 6/23/2018

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That night she tossed restlessly in a dark place. So many of the visions had come to pass. Others had fallen short. The infernal threads of the unfathomed weaver had before been woven erratically across the tapestry, but now the threads were beginning to cross as the work came to its dreaded conclusion and the visions became only more intense, and even more violent. Ever since the visit of the mysterious healer, Denna Zhalfast, the unusual child of the Red Mage and the Gypsy Seer, had been bestowed with a sight the few could even begin to understand. Now she beheld another vision: the shadowy woods of Mythos, burnt and shattered from centuries of endless conflict. The ground gives way, mountains tremble and the very earth rips apart. The Fires Of Destruction rise to consume all, and in the flame a figure rises. Its chain loosens. Its roar echos. Prey and predator alike flee. Chaos consumes. Above the woods a silent, black night sky watches from above. Watching, waiting, judging.

Another vision came. Standing once again upon the shores of Mythos, she beheld her silent friend, draped in black robes looking across the horizon into the endless night. Waves rolled across her feet as she approached, and smiled. "This is your home, Denna," her friend whispered, just as he had said before years ago. "Every tree, every mountain peak, every blade of grass, every flake of snow, every drop of blood that is spilled, all of it - belongs to you." She stood by his side for a moment, watching the nothingness with him until finally saying, "Forever?"

Her friend whispered in response,"Until the end of days."

On Saturday, June 23rd at 8:30 PM EST, there will be a gathering at the Keg & Anchor tavern in Trinsic to undertake a final battle against their most elusive foe, facilitated by PEC Raine. All players are invited and welcome to come.

Background: For three years the man known only as the Healer, the mysterious leader of the Broken Ankh cult, has made his presence known. From the early days of distributing strange books titled "The Disease", he had a hand in many nefarious plots, from the talking bears to the Guild of Thieves, from pirate abductions to the rise of fugitive governor Guy Greywulfe. The architect of many schemes and the orchestrator of many deaths, the Healer devised a vast conspiracy through his servants over the course of several years setting the stage for a ritual whose nature has yet to be known, but whose results will almost certainly be disastrous. The warriors of Trinsic will not hesitate to charge into battle, but they will require the assistance of any adventurer willing to help put down the threat of a mad cult leader.


  • DerajDeraj Posts: 82
    We will be meeting at the Keg & Anchor tonight a little bit earlier, at around 7:45 PM EST for some pre-event RP. All are welcome.
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