Hail Sonoma, Want to come play King of the Hill?

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Hail Sonoma, Want to come play King of the Hill?
A blast from the PAST!

The Peoples Army of Sonoma and its alliance members are inviting all Sonoma’s guilds to participate in a King of the Hill event for this coming Friday, June 22, 2018. This event will take place in Delucia Felucca, the small hill just east of the city walls, 8pm CDT.

Mages will have no problem with getting to the top of the hill. but warriors will need to walk to the far east side of the hill as there is only one open route to get to the top of the hill.

Now I am sure all are going to ask how do I get there for this event? What about the PvPers that will be going to the event, what of a safe passage to get to the event, sorry I cannot in good faith tell you that you will be safe getting there, I can only ask that those guilds that do wish to test them self during this event restrain from attacking all and everyone and to save it for the KotH.

Now how to get there? Well, there the Felucca Trinsic passage where you can recall to and then take the passage thru to the Delucia back door, or you can take the Moonglow entrance to the lost lands (Papua) and run down to Delucia.

Now I am sure you are now asking, what in it for me? Well, have you ever wonder how good you are? How good your teamwork is? The only way to get answers is to come join the battle.

Double check your insurance and do NOT carry anything that cannot be insured, IE BOS, stock your bank box with apples, petals, trap boxes, BANDAIDS, Pet food as you may lose a few from looter, be sure to have enough gold in your bank to cover a few (dozens?) deaths. Undertaker staff is a must if you can get it.

Make sure to have everything repaired before this and have repair deeds in your bank if you need any items repaired. There are Tailor/smith shops there to use repair deeds.

Other then that there are no rules, have fun!

Remove Trap = Bad News
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