Europa Revert?

OK, mid-afternoon Europe time and we get another shard crash on Europa, when it returns it's had an 2 hour revert.
This is starting to turn into a weekly event, so can you please arrange the reverts to be around the same time as maint. since they are happening regular now??


  • Petra_FydePetra_Fyde Posts: 1,386
    2 hours is an exaggeration, but it was definitely a touch of deja-vu I could have done without. I recalled home with 16 snake eggs for our weekly alliance hunt, lost connection as I walked through the door. No Europa on the list, so I went to do something else for a while. Logged back in to find my 16 eggs were now only 7 and I was back among the snakes.

    If some bright spark is crashing the shard on purpose - Stop it!
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