Selling Strong Purple/Pink Hiryu (Atlantic)

This is an old Hiryu, probably tamed right after Samurai Empire came out, about when I stopped playing.  I have no idea if it is worth anything.  Thanks.


  • PinkertonPinkerton Posts: 105
    Also have a Strong Yellow.

    Lat price I could find was from July 17 and someone said 130 mil for one untrained.  I am willing to let it go for less than that.  Any reasonable offer considered.

    PM me on forums or ICQ 49654269.

  • HonkwompHonkwomp Posts: 44
    edited May 2018
    These are the most rare having the same chance to spawn as a strong green.  I like this color better though.    I don't think they are that great for fighting but they tough physically
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