Pet Skill Fragments (an idea)

OK, so from what we can gather there are no plans to introduce "pet powerscrolls" for what ever the reasons...
Now while i can see their arguement about not wanting to tamper with the PvP world of scroll gathering, i don't really see it as fair since pets in PvP are pretty useless so why should they be able to hold the world to ransom over scrolls which will be used for pets?
The Pet Training era is already starting to slow down to a bare crawl since powerscrolls have dried up and the PvP'ers who have them have vastly inflated the prices to stupid levels like +50mill for a scroll because they are now classed as "rare"???

Now it got me thinking, how about jumping onto this oppertunity to throw crafters a bone?
Now by bone i litterally mean "A Bone".
This "bone" could be identified as a variuos pet skill "fragment" using the forgotten Item ID skill?
These fragments could be then used in congunction with other components that could drop across the lands on purely random creatures randomly.
Things like Resins could be made from cross breeding certain plants
Ointments could be found and identified using Taste ID?
Powder of 'insert skill' from the ground down bone from an animal
Slaves from recipies using bits fromacross the lands.

You could take this as far or as little as you like in complexity but the main focus would be making it RANDOM.
This would encourage people to go out into the wilderness once more and forrage the lands :)

Now before the PvP lot jump in and complain about powerscrolls....make it so the 120 versions would only be found on bits from Felucca, and again RANDOM. So once again player killers could go roaming the lands for a kill rather than just spam at Yew gate or ghost champ spawns.

They would still get all the action from normal powerscroll drops as they would not need to be touched with this new "Craft".
I've not thought of a name for this but something like Shamen or Druid.....Oh they could use that new spellcrafting school we briefly saw in the last Event Pagan. (oh i like that idea)

I'll post this on both forums so we can see where people take the idea?


  • SlayviteSlayvite Posts: 113
    Forgive the spelling, i do actually have dyslexia and don't always catch them. ;)
  • TimTim Posts: 796
    Nice Idea 
    But to keep the PvP cry babies happy make them and the pet they are used on shard bound at least for a period of time. 

    That shouldn't cut into their market.
  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    OUTSTANDING IDEA @Slayvite and @Tim sorry I vote NO
  • MervynMervyn Posts: 2,208
    Firstly, there’s nothing wrong with the current powerscroll system. It’s nice that people are paying 50 mill for my excess scrolls. I have 120d pretty much all 20 of my pets that I wanted to 120 and didn’t have to buy a single scroll and have enough spare to put on vendors. Beats me why people are giving me 50 mill for 120 tactics that took about 5 mins to get but whatever i’ll take it. 

    As for spreading pvp out to the lands. People do treasure maps in fel all the time (as you correctly get better loot) the chances of you stumbling across someone in the middle of nowhere are slim, 1 time ever some poor t hunter got wrecked somewhere nearish yew as a guild fight spread out as he was pretty unlucky. It would do nothing for pvp to spread people out, pvpers go to champs as they draw people together.
    I tell you the truth, tis better to do 10 damage on the right target than 100 damage on the wrong target.

    Breaking in the young since 2002

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