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I have been away from UO for a very long time.  I decided to poke around again and reactivated my account on Catskills.  I wandered around for about 2 hours and ran across not a single soul.  Was this probably poor luck on my part? Are there any RPing types of souls that still hang around? Where would I start to look?

I have about 1.5 mil left in the bank to set up a house if I stick with it. Any suggestions as to a nice neighborhood?


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    Atlantic has the most players, and is the most crowded with houses.  I play on Great Lakes.  It has fewer players than Atlantic, but during the day, and early to moderately late evenings, you can usually find enough other players to do events.  I am not familiar with the other shards. I see fewer players on Green Bay now than I did when I started five years ago.

    If Luna, Malas has housing plots available, it is the main trading center and has a moongate.  But, you can’t build a Keep there (pretty sure that’s true for all of Malas). Otherwise look for a nice spot with water for your boat and trees in Fel. or Trammel.  The Zento, Tokuno area is nice too and has a moongate.

    Hope that you find more players.  The games population is not near what it used to be.
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