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Let me know through discord if you would like to buy any of the below items. Thank you!

Discord  the_not_nice_giggles

  • 1.   Chocolate Man In The Image Of Your Love (100mill) 
  • 2.    Mysterious Energy Power Rift (600mill)
  • 3.    The Last Remaining Wave Of The Summer Solstice (400mill)title=UO:The_Last_Remaining_Wave_Of_The_Summer_Solstice
  • 4.    Ethereal Transmutation Wand (450mill) 
  • 5.    The Tree Of Blood (4plat)
  • 6.    Still Beating Heart Of The Daemon Of Passion Who Sought To Debauch The Dryads Of Britannia (900mill) 
  • 7.    The Remains Of A Potion Used To Clone A Powerful Mage (200mill) 
  • 8.    A Relic Of The Age Of Enlightenment (450mill) 
  • 9.    The Dread Garjana, Queen Of Spiders And Snakes (200mill) 
  • 10.    Shattered Statue Of A Goddess From Beyond The Stars (500mill) 
  • 11.    Wall Mural Showing The Rise And Fall Of Britannia (1.3p) 
  • 12.    Gruesome Standard Of The Pale Orc Warband, Carved Into It Are The Words "Glory Tu Da Bludgod! (2.5p) 
  • 13.    Mirror Of Truth (2.75p) 
  • 14.    A Wolfgang Ruby Twisted By Minax's Magic In An Attempt To Remake The Gem Of Immortality (800mill) 
  • 15.    An Unknown Being From Another World Prophesizing The Future Of Mankind (Make Offer)
  • 16.    The Anchor From The Crown Jewel (900mill) 
  • 17.    A Container Which Holds The Essence Of Borbarads Morbid Sense Of Humor (1p) 
  • 18.    An Ominous Orrery Showing A Solar System In Peril (700mill) 
  • 19.    A Vase Filled With Screaming Voices And Blood Of Dead Heroes In Felucca: Fear The Mad King (1.5p) 
  • 20.    Cranky & Chubby Cats Doll (350mill) 
  • 21.    The Sacred Anvil Of Minoc (1p)
  • 22.    Snowpiglet (900mill) [
  • 23.    Piglet Disguised As A Peachick (1.5p) 
  • 24.    A Bush Burnt To A Crisp By A Family Of Dragons (450mill) 
  • 25.    I Beat Mesanna Playing Lets Make A Deal On Atlantic (2p) 
  • 26.   Cypress Charred By Fire (embers Still Burn Within) (7p) 
  • 27.    A Remnant Of The Cursed Philosophers Stone Of Horror And Nightmares (900mill)
  • 28.    Dragon Bone Earrings (Make Offer) 
  • 29.    A Blood Soaked Deadwood Tree Immortalized By The Horrid Murders Of Bane: Ashmedai (14p) 
  • 30.    The Tree Of Despair (3.9p) 
  • 31.    Fragments Of A Shattered Stone Tablet With Ancient Markings (make offer) 
  • 32.    The Crimson Throne (500mill)    Fashioned Together As A Symbol Of The Royal Bloodline: The Order Of Anura 
  • 33.    The Kabbalistic Manipulator's Journals, Cataloging His Descent Into Madness (400mill)
  • 34.    A Miniature Figurine Carved From Dragon Bone To Resemble Petronius The Dragonlord (500mill)
  • 35.    Relic Of The Archmage (250mill) A Large Amount Of Mana Permeates The Relic 
  • 36.    The Book Of Shadows (650mill) 
  • 37.    Moonglow's Ancient Magic Dictionary (Make Offer) 
  • 38. Cinderella's Glass Shoes (15p) 

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    id check your links ;)
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    Skett said:
    id check your links ;)
    Thanks lol. I just took them out, Google works  :D

    Why fit in when you were born to stand out? -Dr. Seuss
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