EC: current target is switched unexpectedly

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If you're casting spells at an enemy mob, and it goes invisible, the EC will often change the currently selected target to a randomly selected mobile.

In the past (?), the current selected target in this situation (when a mob goes invisible) would be cleared.

This seems to be recent behavior change?  It interferes with spells macros that target currently selected targets.  You'll end up hitting the wrong target now, instead of getting a target cursor.


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  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,334
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    In the Void I use mostly chain lightening or meteor swarm because I can aim those spells using the mouse cursor and they don’t damage players or pets. The automatic targeting system becomes entirely random when things get busy so I don’t use it anymore.  But you are right, if UO actually selects something you want to hit and it goes invisible, you lose you lock and UO randomly targets something else.  
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