Spell Mana cost mis-match

ForeverFunForeverFun Posts: 841

In at least EC, the displayed mana cost, when taking into account all factors, such as LMC, is rounded down (math.floor()).  (10.3 becomes 10)

It appears the UO server uses math.ceil() to round up the mana cost.  (10.3 becomes 11)

Which is correct?

It's interesting the effects that has on certain spells at certain LMC thresholds. (details left out).

For the displayed spellbook info in EC, spellbook.lua, this would change the display to match the server (?):

--		local lmcMana = math.floor(manacost - (manacost * (tonumber(WindowData.PlayerStatus["LowerManaCost"]) / 100)))
local lmcMana = math.ceil(manacost - (manacost * (tonumber(WindowData.PlayerStatus["LowerManaCost"]) / 100)))

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