Mysticism area effect spells

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With these mystic spells:
  • Mass Sleep
  • Hail Storm
  • Nether Cyclone

You cannot use a friendly mobile as the targeting point, you get an error "you cannot perform negative acts on your target".

With the magery spells Meteor Swarm and Chain Lightning, there is no problem use friendly mobiles as the targeting point for the spell (hostiles around the friendly will be affected, the friendly will not be affected).

This might be related to the already-reported problem where certain barded creatures cannot be targeted by certain mystic spells.

Desired result: mystic area spells should behave like radius-target magery spells, and target hostiles around the targeted friendly.


  • ForeverFunForeverFun Posts: 841
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    More --

    You can effect guild members and their pets (if they are colored green) using these spells, even in town.

    That doesn't happen with the 2 magery spells.

    (the original post above didn't involve guild targets, just blue friendly targets).


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