Lajatang Weapon Specials Do Not Work With Ninjitsu

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The Lajatang weapon special moves do not work with the Ninjitsu skill as indicated. The Lajatang has "Defense Mastery" and "Frenzied Whirlwind" as its weapon specials -- both of these indicate they require Bushido or Ninjitsu in order to use. 

Currently, you cannot use either weapon special with a Lajatang equipped and only the Ninjitsu skill. These specials moves work correctly with other weapons equipped and having only Ninjitsu.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Set your Ninjitsu skill to at least 50
  2. Set your Bushido skill to 0
  3. Set your Fencing skill to at least 90
  4. Equip a Lajatang
  5. Attempt to use either weapon special, "Defense Mastery" or "Frenzied Whirlwind"
  6. Observe an error message indicated that 50 Bushido is required to use this weapon skill
Expected Result
The Lajatang weapon special moves should correctly use the Ninjitsu skill as indicated.
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