Void pool glitch?

ForeverFunForeverFun Posts: 841
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Have seen this with the pirates several voidpool rounds now, where a group/cluster of pirates:
  1. Become invulnerable, or near invulnerable.
  2. Move at greater than mount speed, usually in movement bursts.
  3. Survive the round failure event (e.g. when the groups of red gates popup).
  4. They keep pounding away at the void pool walls, after the round fails.
  5. They get cleaned up after another round fails.
Probably would be bad if some AFK/hidden/etc characters are triggering this?
Perhaps this is causing lag on some shards too?

Not particularly high voidpool level either, no more than say 50-60


  • Jha_durJha_dur Posts: 9
    I thought you were going to talk about the pirates not actually coming to the choke point by the void pool starting around levels 23-24 and stopping around level 37-38. Really annoying to have to keep running from side to side to kill stuff when it should just walk to me.
  • PawainPawain Posts: 9,224
    1 and 2 happened to me a few times.  No other players around.  Triggered by me getting overwhelmed and running away,  Pirate would focus on me and follow at mount speed.  I took one from a back spawn point to the front spawn point.
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  • ForeverFunForeverFun Posts: 841

    In the cases I've observed, it's not a solo affair by any stretch, many separate players and groups.

    Assuming it's intentional, the behavior as it stands now constitutes a "denial of service attack", whereby some action/set of players is able to deny playtime and results to others.
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