Void Pool Sucks

The void pool on Atlantic has been bricked for almost 5 hours now please help. it feels like the dedicated UO team who has the ability to improve stability and performance but chooses to actively do nothing while players struggle every event to even stay connected to the shard. Please take action!


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    you so brave going on your bot account i guess to make a stupid thread like this
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    This is my main lol, Ill scrap you on atlantic right now. Im not trying to rip on the way everything is setup for the event just the performance in the void is very bad.
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    Yeah it's pretty awful. I notice if you're in there and then leave, until that void pool ends, your journal is slow to open. That makes me think the system is constantly communicating with every client in there, and every client that was in there at any point. It was never meant to operate at this scale and it's gobbling up the entire dungeon server.
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    Well its seems ATL has crashed or been taken down.. Its had enough I guess.
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    Yeah they definitely did something :)
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    If you’re talking here about lag, I play on a different shard and experience the same.  Half the time when I log on the game pauses so often for a number of seconds each time I try to move or cast a spell that it is unplayable.  It would be suicide to even walk into the Void.  This constant pausing started on the night the new event was being loaded.  Had it again this morning constant stopping.  Wanted to go into the Void, but pauses were so long it took a fair amount of time just to walk from my recall point to the door.  Finally just gave up and did some supply chests.  Eventually, after a good half hour, the game started working close to normally again.  My playtime is usually limited so it’s really frustrating to be on the UO site wanting to play and having the game pausing so often it is unplayable.
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    No lag on LS.  When 50 players were there.  They do the Trees on LS, they just releases all the mobs when they die.  Annoying
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