Why doesn't UO use the Star Wars The Old Republic Engine for a 3D version of UO?

Why doesn't UO use the Star Wars The Old Republic Engine for a 3D version of UO?
It seems like a no brainer.
I love the game as it is in 2D, but for a really good engine for 3D it seems the engine for SWTOR would work brilliantly...
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  • VenomVenom Posts: 24
    I think the complexity involved would be too much. I may be wrong, but there seem to very few in number developers working on UO now. Personally, I'd rather they work on producing high resolution and updated imagery for the CC. Personal preference, of course.
  • Lord_NythraxLord_Nythrax Posts: 141
    Because that would cost millions and millions of dollars and wouldn't make sense even if you were willing to spend the money. The games have virtually nothing in common other than being RPGs where people fight things. Writing a new 3D engine from scratch would be easier than trying to bolt non-instanced houses, ships, etc. onto the SWTOR engine.
  • usernameusername Posts: 736
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    These devs can't get anything right and you expect them to make yet another new client?? Yikes.
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  • DragoDrago Posts: 296
    They already tried 3d client with kingdom reborn 16 years ago and it was a total failure....everyone freaked out because the art sucked for your character and even worse.... the hues weren't even close to 2d client (pure white wasn't pure white, blaze didnt have same hue,etc...)
    And it was poorly optimzied.

    I think they should revisit KR client though....art can be re-drawn.
  • looploop Posts: 326
    Waste of time and would be worse for the game, as evidenced by previous failures. The 2D artwork is timeless and ages better than anything 3D.
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