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I know every time a new patch is released  you have to do some internal magic to make this work.

VS IS BROKEN again!!!


  • VS has been horrible last couple days for me in both clients. Different rooms. I even did I full file check. About 80 percent of time it just returns the “xxxx took too long”. I’m wondering if maybe it’s just more people on because of event or if something got tweaked.
  • poppspopps Posts: 3,972
    edited April 17
    VS has been horrible to me as well, I am also getting lots and lots of timed out searches and to try to find anything takes a whole lot of time, it is really annoying.

    Sometimes, a search I had done which timed out, pops up while I am fighting or am far from a safe zone which is odd since, that I know of, Vendor Searches should only be available in safe zones...

    And this has been going on now, at least to me, for several days.
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