Thoughts on new Fortune Visage helmet

I wanted to setup a poll and get some direct feedback from people on what they think about the helmet. When you vote, please give some feedback on why you like/dislike the item and if you will/won't use it. I'd love to hear from people that do like this item and will definitely use it (especially what template it will be used in), maybe I'm missing something.

My thoughts:
I think that bumping at the resists up to 15% each was a step in the right direction but I believe the helmet still needs a bump. I can understand the Dev team's approach on this helmet as an item that isn't designed for one particular template; I can understand that but I'd disagree in two spots. 

First is on using the HPR4 stats. There are other stats that could fit any template, like strength increase & mana increase that everyone can use that would also be more useful on the suit versus the hit point regen. I think most people would much rather have +5 str and +8 mana in place of the 4 HPR. Another option that would fit every template is to add like 15% damage eater on there that might be more useful.

The second thing I dislike/disagree with is the decision to make this "multi template" item a head slot piece because we already have a 250 luck item that is arguably "better" (at the very least more synergetic with stats). There is going to be a comparison by default given they are the same slot and same luck; the new Visage is going to fall short even if it caps out at 290 because if I'm a mage I'm losing 20% LRC and 10 mana which is huge (all for +5HP and 4HPR??).

That being said, I so agree with Kyronix on the thought of max luck suits. People sometimes need to make some tough decisions when building a luck suit, but I think the team went in the wrong direction with this item. I think they should have made this item lower luck (maybe like 200) with +10str/int/dex/LMC (and all 15 resists). This would be the same thing Kyronix said but with a more usable item and at that point maybe I'm trying to see if I can replace my Mark of Wildfire. 

In my opinion the item as it is, currently is in the same category as bracelet of primal consumption which is kind of a no-man's land piece that very few people use.

  1. What do you think of the Fortune Visage helmet?26 votes
    1. It will be tough to use as it is right now, I'd like to see another bump in stats.
    2. It's fine just like it is and I plan on using it for some of my luck suits.


  • GrimbeardGrimbeard Posts: 2,093
    I picked A but will be able to make it work with the restiance bump. Will the loss of stats be  worth the 35 luck increase who knows 
  • PawainPawain Posts: 9,212
    I would like to see some templates Parallax has made if he says this is something to build around.

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  • SkettSkett Posts: 1,450
    even with the luck at 290 after enhancing its not worth it
  • ForeverFunForeverFun Posts: 838

    It's good to see that Enhancing these rewards appears to be deliberate.  More of that would be good.  Some items from the last event cannot be enhanced (like the tunic).  I'd say in general, allow anything to be enhanced.

    Thankfully, it's not a pirate hat, else it couldn't be enhanced.

    Has anybody tried to convert this for gargoyle use?
  • LeBaitonLeBaiton Posts: 67
    There are so many head slot artifacts present in the game, why not use a chest, arms, hands or legs slot for yet another piece?

    I believe there are like 50+ head slot arties to pick from nowadays. In oktober 2016 the UO Guide artifacts page listed 45 head slot artifacts. Other slots are severely underrepresented. Why?
  • KazKaz Posts: 128
    Ill use it on my dexer hybrid luck suits for sure.  Combined with newer stat heavy “op” items like balron armor, sentinel mempo, corrupt vambraces and divinus luminus its a pretty easy fit.  I dont feel like ill be short stats. 
  • keven2002keven2002 Posts: 2,232
    edited April 12
    ForeverFun said:

    Has anybody tried to convert this for gargoyle use?
    I tried to alter it earlier, but was given the message that it cannot be altered.

    I just looked it up and HPR 4 is 200 points of intensity. By comparison, +5 Str / +5 Int / +5 Dex is a combined 204 property weight. If this item is for "all builds" then I'd think the points would be much better suited to give players trying to build usable luck suits to have additional stats rather than 4 HPR.

    There are currently 7 votes for it being fine yet nobody has said why they think it's fine. Can those that are voting that it's fine please give some details about what templates or builds they think this will fit on?
  • SkettSkett Posts: 1,450
    the votes are rigged :D
  • VenomVenom Posts: 24
    Has anyone enhanced one of these yet?
  • GrimbeardGrimbeard Posts: 2,093
    Venom said:
    Has anyone enhanced one of these yet?
    Yes 290 luck physical rest goes up and it's changed to spinded helm
  • TheoTheo Posts: 179
    It’s the cyber truck of head gear. Could it be any uglier?
  • Victim_Of_SiegeVictim_Of_Siege Posts: 1,891
    Theo said:
    It’s the cyber truck of head gear. Could it be any uglier?
    Yea, with me wearing it.

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