Vendor search "item description" search considers too many fields

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Change request:

See posts here and here.

Vendor search should be improved/optimized to limit the search to only the item description (name), not all text/cliloc strings associated with the object.  That'll probably speed up VS too.

Optionally add a new checkbox "search within seller description".


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    For some items you need more than one field.  For example if you want a 120 legendary magery scroll, if you search under just one of those terms you are likely to get pages and pages of items before you ever get to the magery scrolls.  This is also true for other, though not all, items.  Vender search does have tools that might make your search more efficient, for example in the above search you could change the price range to eliminate lower priced items.  Having a box to eliminate the seller’s description might be helpful.  See that being used to mislead a fair amount though it can be useful if a set of items is being sold, for example a set of armor.
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    Some general tips:

    You'd put "magery (120" in the item name search field.  The ability to have multiple elements in the item name field wouldn't change.

    You could also click box "Miscellaneous->Cursed" for scrolls in addition to above;  I haven't checked if that speeds up the query.

    Most armor sets have a unique name (so you can search using the item name field), or they have unique attributes (like SSI on armor pieces), and you can also add the equipment slot (head, arms, etc) to the search.  Likewise, most ToT events have unique names, or they have a combination of unique attributes that can be searched.
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