If you subscribe to UO with a credit card, you may want to make sure you updated your credit card information with the new "Chip Reading" credit cards, since most financial institutions are prematurely canceling "Striped Cards". This happened to me, and I thought nothing of it, because I use game time codes. However a good friend of mine almost lost his entire castle of rares because he didn't realize his credit card was cancelled, because it was a striped card. I know mine was cancelled about 6 weeks ago even though it expired 7/2020. 

I apologize if this was already mentioned, but its important to bring to everyone's attention again. They almost lost everything they owned in UO, and I really hope this hasn't and doesn't happen to anyone else. I am emailing Mesanna about this today as well. It should be in the newsletter at least.


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    TY for the warning.
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    Thanks for the warning and glad your friend didn't lose his stuff!
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    This makes no sense, online use of CC's don't give access to the chip or the stripe, both exist on the same card. Also an expired or bugged CC would still take your friends castle 90 days to start collapsing.
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    @Garth_Grey ;

    They cancelled his card 90 days ago, and he didn't even know, cause he only used it for Ultima Online.

    The credit card companies are sending out the chip reading cards to replace the striped ones, and those new cards have new numbers and expiration date and security codes on them.  They sent me a chipped card in January which they requested I activate because they are discontinuing the striped cards.  I never activated it since my striped still worked.  However one day I go to use the striped and they cancelled my striped card in April even though it wasn't expired yet.  They didn't even inform me.  Same thing happened to my friend. They are forcing everyone to go to the chipped cards for some dumb reason.  I think they can be tracked better to prevent fraud.
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    The bank sent you a new card and the old one was being discontinued so why didn't you?
  • In my case, I hardly use my debit card.  Since I use game time codes unlike my friend.  There was no urgency to activate the new one.  The old one worked almost 4 months after getting the new one.
  • Look everyone's situation is different.  I still find it necessary for people to be aware of this issue.
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    Blimey, that's scary!

    I've recently changed to Gametime codes because they're a lot cheaper than a CCA payment but I have noticed in the past that the billing system is very silent when it comes to a cancelled payment method. 

    One thing that would really help is an email that is sent out after the account is closed to verify that is the case. In fact; this should already happen and there shouldn't be a way to opt out of receiving those emails.. 
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    Account management does not send you an email if you card fails?
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    All accounts are on the same master acct.  Only one of them gets an email when it expires...the rest of them I have to watch manually.  Makes no sense at all to me

  • you can just use Two  6 Months Game Time Code and be done for the whole year!!!
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    If I had an account I didn't log into for months I think I'd consider if I really needed that account :P
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    All accounts are on the same master acct.  Only one of them gets an email when it expires...the rest of them I have to watch manually.  Makes no sense at all to me

    I get emails for each account on 1 master.

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    You get emails for cancellation, deactivation, failed payments.. your bank of course also notifies you ..and you would be getting a new card too, wouldn't you? Silly topic.. 
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