UO requires admin permissions for installing, executing, and patching, by default

ForeverFunForeverFun Posts: 795

Bug/change request:

UO (EC and CC) requires administrator permissions for installing, running, and updating.

Requested change:

Allow UO to install, run, and patch as non-admin.

See this thread link below for discussion of a work-around / quick-fix to the issue.  (the installer needs to have the RUNASINVOKER treatment just like UOSA.EXE, UOPATCH.EXE, CLIENT.EXE.).  Modern windows versions already include DirectX, so that can probably be removed (save some AWS egress costs for downloads?).

Forum post link.

side note:  How does the firefox installer deals with this?  if you hit escape at the administrator elevation prompt during firefox install, firefox will install as the user, into a user writable directory.

UO can be installed into a custom directory that doesn't require admin permissions to write to, as well.
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