Tracking gump is missing objectID of players

ForeverFunForeverFun Posts: 795

Bug / change request:

The tracking skill target selection gump is missing the objectID for each of the targets in question.

In Enhanced Client parlance, the function GenericGumpGetItemPropertiesId() can be used to obtain the objectId of elements of gumps (so long as the server provides that element).  For instance, the ToT (and blackthorn) turn in vendor gump will provide the objectId of each moused-over item that is available to turn in (GenericGumpGetItemPropertiesId() will succeed in this case).

Why does this matter?  The objectId is important to disambiguate targets.  For instance, if there are many targets with the same name.  This can be an issue when tracking many active player characters using the same name.  This link and several others are examples of this.  Having the objectIds will also help from a reporting perspective, since there seem to be limitations in the help/abuse reporting gump.

Please change the server to emit the target objectIds in the tracking gump.

Here are some more changes/background for EC tracking skill:

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