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Wondering if anyone can help me. Around thanksgiving 2023 , I made my 1st Plat selling Shogun event drops. The day after my bank account reflected 1 Platinum, it was gone when I logged in. The gold in the millions balance was still there and correct, just the Platinum balace showed 0 instead of 1. I paged and paged, filled out Bug Reports, and eventually got an email response from Mesanna asking me for more details. I sent a very detailed recount of events including several in-game srceenshots. She never replied after several follow ups. I really dont want this to happen again. I was saving up for a castle.
Losing a Plat is devistating. That took many many hours of grinding, all to go poof. Has this ever happened before , and how do I know it will not happen again?



  • We have not been able to confirm this issue and until that step is done, we are unable to assist without being able to prove it is a bug.
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  • yea, this is 100% a bug, Rastan is most honest player in game, beyond excited he farmed his first plat after hours and hours grinding. Developers should take 10 seconds to spawn him 1 plat in, considering he's provided proof, and it's on pacific anyways, Granted I spent tons of money on transmog potions on my archlich gear, and yet they STILL don't care, and haven't refunded me after multiple reports. Please show some morals, fix our transmogged archlich robes, and refund my friend his money. I urge you todo wuts right. Thanks
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    It is disappointing to see the dev ignoring bugs like this. What if I make a plat and it disappears too? 
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    Look at all these 1st time posters.  Welcome everybody to UO, sorry for your loss.  If this was a true bug then you would see a lot more of these posts.
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    I believe it's not a common occurence and the team will need a lot of information to confirm it, it's difficult when even a simple stable fee can reduce your bank balance from 1 plat to 9,999,971gp Be absolutely sure you did not purchase anything from an npc or any other action that would affect your bank balance.
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    Well I'm not lying and yes it DID happen. Like wtf who cares if ppl are 1st time posters? It just happened so I'm posting about it.  FYI I have provided Mesanna tons of details, but I doubt anyone ever looked into it anyway. If so I'd LOVE to hear even one detail of what was done. I dont use the stables and the only thing I purchased after my millions turned to plat that night was an item for 75,000,000. Next day, I hoped on a plane for Thanksgiving, logged into UO in-flight. Opened bank and Platinum : 0  Gold: 149,016,207 ...which is exactly the 75mil I spent. So millions were spot on, Plat gone. I'm sure you'd want to hear more than "sorry for you loss" too. If it isn't a bug , then what is it? 
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    One platinum is worth one billion gold coins. When the gold balance in the bank reaches one billion gold it is automatically converted to one platinum. When you spend gold reducing the balance, the platinum is converted back to gold.

    You spent gold, so your platinum converted back to gold!

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    So where did the other 800+ million go?

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    I had 1,224,016,207 bank balance. Minus 75,000,000 would leave me with 1,149.016,207 not 149,016,207. I didnt spent all my gold , it disappeared. 
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    ok, that's clearer, however the problem won't be solved here on the forums.
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    Sent a crystal clear timeline including screenshots to Bug Report and Mesanna emailed additional questions which I replied to. No one ever responded to several follow ups so I posted here. Not sure how it will get solved so I'm trying everything. Thanks
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    Some posts were removed, I think this has gone as far as it can here.
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