Interview with EM Amaris!

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing EM Amaris! You can read all about this entertaining interview below;

1.             What made you decide to start Eming?
      Why!? My Unyielding desire to cause chaos and destruction of course! I thrive to put on the best show possible to stir up the masses and... oh sorry, too much? Dial it back? Got it.. I love telling stories. Being an EM has given me a rare opportunity to share stories with people. It's especially exciting when players interact with the scene, Not everything I do is scripted! Most of the time you get real RP from your EM.

2.             What is your favorite part about Eming?

    Being the Grim Reaper!.. again too much?.. come on Fenneko! What do you mean I'll scare the children!? Fine! So my favorite part is as I said before, story telling. But I think my most favorite part is just sitting around talking to players. Our player base is very creative and I love hearing their ideas and requests, its why they sometimes get exploding pixies! Ahchoo!

3.             What is your favorite memory thus far of Eming?

     Only one memory? Just one?! But there's so many!! How could I ever choose just one! Fenneko you're killing me! Okay, so I'll be cheeky and say my best memory is my first time stepping out into the crowd, introducing myself to Atlantic. I recall some telling me , “I hope you have thick skin” to which I replied, “Of course I have thick skin, I am reptilian!” Which may have been a mistake, it's getting harder to hide the tail...

4.             What is your most memorable moment playing UO?

     Most memorable moment as a player? Hmm! I've been around the game for quite a few years. So there are many memorable moments. I have to say the most memorable moment would actually be the most memorable friends I have acquired over the years that share my brand of chaos and disorder.

5.             What is your favorite thing to do in UO?

     My favorite thing? Roleplay! It's fun! You get to come up with awesome characters and play them out. My hard second favorite thing would be... death robes.. collecting death robes. I have acquired no less than three each event I attend from my fellow EM's. (I'm watching you EM Rainstormer!)

6.             Is there a specific event that you've done that is your favorite? What is it?

     So far it has to be this last Halloween Event. For those that missed it, or did not get it, EM Mayhem and I put our heads together and came up with a month long event for Halloween, 2023. Three Nights at Bobby and Fred's! The event was inspired by Five Nights at Fred's. We had a lot of fun putting the decoration and builds together, and the story to go along with it. There was some ups and downs of us being new to working with one another but over time we hope to spin far more detailed events together for all of your entertainment.

7.             Was a drop you made that you favorite most out of all of them thus far? What is it?

      Awe I have to pick a favorite?! I loved all of them! If I am forced to pick, I would choose Fred Raptor from Three Nights at Bobby and Freds. Along with Mayhem's Bobby Brown Bear which made it a set. I also like my Christmas drop, the hanging fairy! Just for the color.

8.             Is there a specific story that comes to mind about UO that has stuck with you to date?

       This answer is going to be kinda boring. Because I have the memory of a gold fish! Nothing stands out too much. I'm more a live in the moment EM!

9.             Do you have any words of wisdom for the players out there? New and Old?

     Be kind, be respectful, we never truly know what anyone is going through at any point in time. You're all Human..unless you're Reptilian.. but we'll say human too. Other words of wisdom?.... Don't lick windows.

10.         Is there anything else you'd like to add to the players out there?

        Add? You ask a lot of questions Fenneko. Are you trying to get a detailed list of me to clone me!? Are you trying to get Mayhem and I to pick up the fox traps?! Fine, we'll pick them up! In all seriousness, I am thankful to our players for coming to our events and making this a fun experience. Without you, there would be no stories to tell, no death robes to hand out, nor fun to be had. You make UO fun. Thank you for allowing me to be your Atlantic EM, and I hope to spend much more time there with all of you.

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