Crafting and loot table imbalance for slayers

ForeverFunForeverFun Posts: 795
edited February 1 in Bugs
When crafting e.g. scrapper compendium, with a guaranteed improvement talisman, super slayers are extremely rare to approaching non existent vs. lesser slayers.  Lesser slayers are generally much more powerful, at least when dealing with foes that have a lesser slayer.

The same rareness also appears to apply to generated loot.

It's possible this imbalance is simply a result of an RNG dice roll being applied across all existing slayers equally.  If there are dozens of lesser slayers, and only a few super slayers, that would explain the imbalance in the results.

Proposed change:  re-balance the occurence of lesser vs. super slayers in the loot table and crafting domains.  One possibility is to duplicate say "elemental slayer" super slayer 6 times (7 total), to have the same odds as occuring as one of the elemental lesser slayers (poison ele, water ele, etc).
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