Any future plans to remove penalties for playing on Classic Client?

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Bandage and spellweaving penalties.

Why do they even exist? Even the community manager is using the classic client, so why are they giving these penalties for anyone wishing to play on classic client?
Should be equality between EC and CC

I have 7 characters, and can only use 1 on classic client without penalties, the other 6 i trained up and are just doing nothing as i don't like EC graphic

I didn't read anything about penalty for Classic client before i trained these chars or i wouldn't have bothered to. Doesn't say in wiki or in game or anything.


  • VenomVenom Posts: 24
    This is a firstheard for me. What's the penalty? I only play via the classic client. 
  • RorschachRorschach Posts: 506Moderator
    There is no penalty. 
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