How do you take magic reflect off?

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I had this spell on, and needed to take it off as was facing an opponent dealing physical damage, and every time I casted it again to take the spell off, it stayed on. Was burning all my mana spamming the same spell without anything happening, just stayed on, (all the while receiving additional damage while this is going on) and wasn’t replenishing the pool even.
I can remove it when not in combat but when someone is casting on me depleting the reflect pool I can’t remove it, as even casting the protection spell, it won’t come off without a full pool. I must have casted it 20 times and it still stayed on.

I ended up burning a ward talisman removal on myself which wiped all my other buffs and i rebuffed all the buffs I wanted to keep. 

how do you take this off? 
Mana shield, polymorph, and enemy of one you just press the button to cast the spell again to turn them off - and it just turns off, don’t actually consume mana or stop to cast. What’s going on here? This is totally borked.


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    I tested it, it seems to work.
    Are you reading your journal?
    There is a 30 second delay, if you have depleted your pool, then you cast it back on, then take it off, only when full. Maybe you never got a chance to take it off while the pool was full if taking constant damage. Basically, I don't think you can take it off, if halfway through using it.

    The final spell, is me taking it off in combat.
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    Actually, I'll also give you a Skill example of where it works how you want it to, and it often causes me problems.

    Skill Mastery - Elemental Fury, on Throwers.
    It is a pool that stores up damage, and every X amount of shots, hit with an additional damage shot - very nice. It lasts for about 2 minutes.
    When it gets close to 0 seconds, you want to renew it, sometimes, at about 5 seconds, you want to renew it, but cannot, as instead of renewing the pool, it turns it off...
    Sometimes, the last second, when it is on 0 seconds, seems to drag out for awhile - more than 1 second, so you mistime re-applying it, and again, turn it off, only to have to turn it on again, which uses double amount of mana and casting time.

    You may not say that is relevant, but, it's an example of where you can turn it off midway through, when what you actually want to do - is replenish - ie, whichever way you have it, you cannot win :)

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    The guy in your journal stopped casting on you. 
    there’s literally no way to take it off if someone remains casting on you.

    as even under protection, by the time it takes to cast again at full pool, the pool is partially diminished. You have to run off to get the spell off. 
    Dumb as f***
    And used about 200 mana casting it over and over which didn’t even do anything, trying to get it off, don’t know how I stayed alive even.

    So basically during the 30 second cool-down, even if they stop casting on you, you still can’t even take it off…

    wasn’t even a mage I was fighting, was a warrior casting holy fist and not once did it reflect even. And I’m GM inscribe.
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