Spellweavers on CC will receive multiple times more kinetic damage than EC?

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I was playing on CC today as i prefer the 2d graphics, and normally (on EC/non classic client) when you're running from some people doing kinetic attacks, there is a spell called attunement, if the spell is on cool-down your character will not stop moving if an attempt is made to cast the spell during this time, (also there is an indicator to show time remaining).

However it seems on CC if the spell is on cool-down, your character will stop to cast. Also, if your character is then hit while casting the spell (interrupted) you will still receive no message about the spell being on cool-down, this will result in another attempt to cast the spell and subsequent disturbs. After unlimited attempts at this - of stopping and casting the spell and being interrupted (and receiving additional kinetic damage as you stopped moving to cast), you may (or may not even) finally complete a cast cycle then just receive a message to say "you must wait before casting that spell again"
This process can then be repeated many times until unknown cool-down is complete.

I am certain that players should not be receiving 4000+ more kinetic damage for choosing classic client.

But if this is the case then a warning should be given when logging into the client or doing the spellweaving quest, that the client you're using is not compatible with this magic school.

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