Sparks mana return activated with special moves

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am using non imbued in this demonstration.

Here you can see I am not in vampire/wraith form, have toggled frenzied whirlwind, which should consume mana, however mana is increased indicating that damage done to a target is given back to the attacker as mana, works in PvP also.

expected result: for damage done to a target not to be given back to the attacker as mana with special moves.

please note also Sparks property has 0 imbuing weight/properties on Storm Lord's Steel
and item cannot be enhanced with special material.


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    You get mana back from your initally hit, then when fww proceeds you don't get any more mana. So maybe it isn't activated with a special move that you believe it is. But even if  you activate a special move with your hit it still works with sparks. If you check how it does with AI since that's only one hit and then if you also get mana back you may actually have found a real bug or at least an inconsistency with how it is described.
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    Weapon has frenzied whirlwind and double strike not AI
    Should not have mana returned at all with a special attack toggled.

    I cannot write the report more clearly. I should not be able to spam special attacks indefinitely without mana leech in PvM or PvP. 

    This issue affects all clients.


    I am submitting only factual information. Please don’t be upset.

    I have backed up this report on way back machine as I have noticed some foul play on this forum - bug reports proofing.
    There was a report about gargish ghostwalkers not being repairable that disappeared and one about bandages in classic client being bugged which affected me also that I tried to replicate but couldn’t do as good a job with the report and ended up with forum mods closing the report (forcing third party client use to fix, which i disagree with this as a solution) I think also some reports about auction safes disappeared but I didn’t read them so can’t reproduce them. 

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    Well that is what sparks was intended to do. In the 70% of hits when sparks does not proc, it will result in a mana deficit when you land a special move.

    My question on sparks is whether or not it was intended to have 0 weight and not count as an imbue mod.
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    Ah okay my interpretation of the publish notes was maybe wrong
    its only the energy damage that doesn’t activate with special moves okay. They did write this next to only the top line okay my mistake 
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