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    popps said:
    4) - Bulk Order Deeds books be made counting as 1 item when holding 500 BODs, not 100.
    And for good reasons.... the way that BODs have been Designed, banking only gives little points so, it is necessary to use Large BODs in order to get better Rewards. Yet, Large BODs are very scarce and hard to get so, lots and lots and lots of BODs need to be claimed in order to get some Large BODs, and they pile up and need storage space...

    5) - Two containers, one for Armor and one for Weapons/Shields whereas they can hold 500 pieces and would count as 1 item towards lockdowns like the jewelry boxes do. And, please, with a sound and good search filter so as to find and retrieve more quickly whatever armor or weapon/shield one is looking for.

    I could definitely get behind these. You could make it where #4 works like power scroll books and can only be used when locked down in a chest. Would be fine with me. 

    I would add to 5 to have these items work when they are other containers. I like the function of the jewelry boxes, but they are ugly IMO and do not match the themes of décor I prefer for my houses. I still have them, but I hide them behind walls and out of site when I can. 

    twizag said:
    The opportunity to take drops from past events..who didn't have time)

    I saw someone else post about them being store items (more likely), but if the developers wanted a good gold sink, keep the items shard bound and have a way to buy them with gold in game. I know some people would be upset as the value of items they ahve paid for would go down, but if they reintroduce via another event, they go down as well. At least this way they can continue to add new drops but also take some gold out of the game. Keep them at 150-200m each. 

    Any way they do it, it would be great to get some of the items back in the rewards list. 

    One thing I would add would be the ability to craft a "First Aid Belt". You can make this belt do 30% weight reduction, no heal bonus (not sure I have ever seen anyone wearing it) and make the recipe a drop or reward from something. This is one item since I have been back that I would love to get my hands on quite a few of. A lot of the armor pieces I missed out on while I was not playing I can live without. They are nice, but I can work around not having them. The first aid belt is game changer for characters that use bandages and can put you at a disadvantage in fight without it (PvP and PvM).

    Sitting for a moment and thinking about what I want to do, I would add one more thing. Have some of the spawn rates for monsters increased. In some cases I can kill a monster is 5-7 seconds and then have to wait 60 seconds for it to respawn. Even cutting that time in half would be great. Make it worth spending the time to go kill high end monsters other than the named ML bosses because they spawn at a decent speed.
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    I'd like a Stat Stone that let's you set your stats.  Stats can be cheesed fairly easy and I like the idea of having a bunch of soulstones and just one character.  Then I can just adjust my stats to whatever I want without needing to bounce skills up and down for an hour.
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    Drago said:
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    ECUI  EC/CC graphics  pick ec look or cc look
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    I'll get behind all the wish list items because none of them will impact me and will help others. 

    my very # 1 wish is that they'll separate the casting spells into magic groups when trying to make a macro in CC. This is probably THE most annoying thing in game to me.

    # 2 ban the other client
    # 3 see my numerous other posts begging for more clothing options (peg leg, king crown ect ect)
    # 4 maybe more housing opportunities
    # 5 new ridable pets and colors
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    Vagabond said:
    • Please put Spell Channeling on the Hildebrandt Shield. I haven't waited for 25 years for the shield to fall out of my hands every time I'm recalling. Thank you.
    For a 25 year reward, the item is quite underwhelming and useless for any spellcaster. Regardless, I will get one to two in December just to hang on wall,
    EDIT: just saw Pawain's comment about it being a transmorg target, may just do that :)
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    Let's see, from most most important to least important:
    • Runic reforging for tinkering.
    • Horn color/ring/etc socket for gargoyles.
    • +60 crafting items for tailoring, carpentry, tinkering. (I want to be able to repair without stressing).
    • +20 scrolls for carpentry and tinkering (45% fail rate, with max talisman, when filling bods is too much).
    • Bane dragon
    • Ability to add something like pet castle, etc to Britannia ships. (Tamers should be able to swap pets without going to the city/stable)
    • Fix the animal taming/pet bugs listed here.
    • Fix the VS and scamming on VS with item descriptions.
    • Buff up imbuing and runic reforging.
    • Open up Malas for castles, keeps.
    • Something like runic reforging for scribes but I dont know how should they handle the craft table.
    • Mount that gives luck (if we have damage reduction mounts, then why not luck?), corresponding item for gargoyles (must have).

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    updated open source CC client
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    A bestiary you can complete and fill in as you kill monsters.  Getting some information after killing 10, more information at 25, more information at 50, and all information at 100.

    Or something like that.
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    Skett said:
    updated open source CC client
    WOW  Hell YES  Do away with all illegal clients.
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