any good guilds that want returning players? pvp oriented

BramBram Posts: 12
  Restarting uo and haven't played since 2004 and don't even know what guilds are still around or any of the new ones.  I was originally in the Black talons which moved to EQ and so i ended up with Unity.

  Looking mature guilds that aren't too heavy into language but i am far from prude. 

  I guess i would be of good virtue since i loved hunting reds and i loved the faction wars or whatever they were called and i don't even know if they still have them or what is the new group/realm  type pvp.

  I play a loner a lot but also like dungeon crawls once or twice a week.  my character wont be pvp ready for a few weeks if not longer but that is my endgame.

  Also as a returning player with years of catching up i have a lot of questions so a guild that is helpful in that regard would be nice but i don't ask for hand outs so don't worry about me sponging off fellow guildees.

  Also as i mentioned i was once in Unity i am wondering if anyone knows if Salix Alba still plays or not?

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