stupid question : )

 I remember dealing with this when felluca came out but i don't remember how.  I was trying to do some lumber-jacking on fel and couldn't target the trees with axe due to the missing leaves. for some reason i remember a toggle or box to check to get the trees to look the same as trammel but i cant find it anymore.

  so basically how do i cut trees in fel or where is the toggle or check box if i remember correctly?
  I rather be in fel with more resources per cut and more feathers per bird.

  thanks for any help : )


  • MariahMariah Posts: 3,018Moderator
    Do you have circle of transparency turned on?
  • North_LSNorth_LS Posts: 99
    its the circle of transparency - target it from 5-6 spaces away then run up to it and use a lasttarget macro
  • BramBram Posts: 12
    thanks :)  yea if i turn of circle of trans i can chop in fel. i remembered that before you could go into a cfg file and turn canopy to on but i tried it and it wont let me save thew changes - maybe a security think with UO. 

      I know you can set it easily with the new client but i can find no settings with the classic client. oh well... setting up a key to toggle transparency is good enough.
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