November Events (2023

EM MayhemEM Mayhem Posts: 120Event Moderator
Turkey Rot ~ Thursday, November 16th @ 9pm E 

Royal Council ~ Sunday, November 19th @ 9 E

A Harvest Nightmare ~ Monday, November 20th @ 9 E

Attack on Turkey ~ Monday, November 27th @ 9 E

The Culling of Father Tamish ~ Thursday, November 30th @ 9 E

Please meet at the EM Counselor's Hall in NW Britain.

EM Mayhem


  • EM MayhemEM Mayhem Posts: 120Event Moderator
    On behalf of Amaris and myself, we apologize for missing the council meeting. :s   Due to real life circumstances we will reschedule the meeting for next Sunday (11-26) at 9pm EST.

    EM Mayhem

  • MerlinMerlin Posts: 211
    edited November 2023

    Hail and well met!  Considering Sunday is the end of the holiday weekend and will be quite busy, would it make more sense to do your first meeting after the elections in early to mid December?  I think there will be more motivation for turn out at that time
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