Is there a Shard Issue today?

Lake Superior has been down over an hour now.


  • still broken :-/
  • Mordin_RockbiterMordin_Rockbiter Posts: 78
    edited November 2023
    On the plus side, at least I am not getting scammed on VS or the mistaken victim of an anti- AFK ban.  Shard still down.
  • Coming up on 4 hours now. Having a bit of a chuckle that this has forced to concentrate on an Engineering Distasters marathon.
  • Well, isn't this fun :(
  • MariahMariah Posts: 3,040Moderator
    up now?
  • Shard came back and MAJOR time warp of several hours. Drops i had sorted are back in previous bags. scroll asnd bones I had stored were back in my pack. I swear my drops I had on me and total numbe of drops were wrong. my hatbar set up was from a time I was doing retraining hours before. You can bet someone was majorly affected

  • Ya wow that was crazy. Got on and was still in the desert and things my other char bought weren't there. Lost several drops wowza
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