Artisan Festival 2023

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Artisan Festival 2023

for those of you who don't know...
It takes many Large BODs to get our Artisan Festival trees to grow.
We do have some dedicated players who have been doing this service for the community.

I would love to see more of the community involved.
So I have decided to hold a contest.

There will be prizes for those who turn in 5000 bank points

(the second number in this picture is what we are looking at)

All participants will get a participation gift
and be entered into a drawing
(prizes will be announced later)


To enter:

write your name as the title on the BOD book
drop your bod book on the town herald near the city stone
I'm the Governor of Minoc, so I can only check Minoc's inventory.

these BODs collected will be used for all cities.
It is not just for Minoc.

if You donate multiples of 5K
then its multiple entries
(5K =1 entry, 10K=3 entry, etc)
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