Please update Rules of Conduct

CovfefeCovfefe Posts: 239
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People are all day openly using the double shuriken exploit. If these rules no longer apply, please remove this.


  • ElvisElvis Posts: 53
    And the pixie bug marv abuse vs hidden and house walls?
  • CovfefeCovfefe Posts: 239
    edited October 2023
    yes bug for summons hitting hidden players or players in a house is also important to fix, however i would say that is not done intentionally. To perform that you must first set a summon to "all kill" on a player and then that player hides, it's a bug but it's not the fault of the caster if the player hides or enters a house and then gets hit by the summon.
    But the double shuriken exploit is very intentional, you have to actively perform it and carry more than one belt.
  • ElvisElvis Posts: 53
    Seems intentional when marv resummon and do over and over. maybe multiple belts is how it works not bug?  is said anywhere the delay is for all belt not each belt? assuming the intention of he who code it? this is change request maybe not bug fix. shurikens are no fun to make and is wasteful throwing more than needed is incentive not to do that.  pls no more ninja nerf. is maybe problem people who are not full ninja using them tho
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