Barkeep blocks.

A barkeep at wild  is blocking  the space for placing house. Is there a way to move it?


  • SableSable Posts: 223
    You can page a GM to remove it.  Might want to bring a sextant and put the coordinates in the message.  I've paged before about obstacles blocking house placement and came back the next to find a GM removed them.
  • DavidLucasDavidLucas Posts: 2
    Thank you for  the answer. That seems to be the only way and I'll try later  :)
  • GidgeGidge Posts: 413
    I would like to see an EM event where we decorate around this leftover NPCs. They were abandoned and set up shop in the spot. :D The barkeeps still sell their goods. I would have considered placing a smaller house and have him selling his drinks just outside. :)
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