Governors of Origin seeking donations for Navery Hole for the Shard

LarisaLarisa Posts: 1,175
Hail and well met citizens of Origin!

We have a rare opportunity to share with you.

As you know, some shards have a public hole that goes to Navery, the spider boss down in Underworld.

We have a chance to purchase one from a reputable seller, but we need your help!

The cost of the Navery Hole is 9 platinum, now I know this sounds daunting! But if we come together we can do it!

It would benefit the entire shard.

I have spoken with representatives of Phoenix Auctions and they are willing to be the broker for all donations from Origin Citizens, and are also donating funds for the cause.

If you wish to donate, any amount of gold will help! Please contact me here, via Discord at #larisa4363 or ICQ at 630352053

Thank you!

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