Scripting Trade Runs (Tram and Fel Occlo)

So, I have emailed @Mesanna on this multiple times. She has never responded back to me which I think is weird and odd. I have seen many people afk scripting Slims Trade run from new mag to Ocllo in fel. Killed many of them. I have also discovered tons of people all over tram running the trade runs afk scripting. Nothing is happening to these scripters. 

This is on Formosa in New Mag Tram. There are 6 toons running this out in the open and 2 toons that recall in at the building on the second floor west of the blacksmith tent and restock the vendors so that they don't have to wait for items on the vendor to restock. They run the same coordinates from the trade guy to the blacksmith area and stop on the same coordinates. Then they run from that coordinate to the moongate and so on. They never get off of path. They run the exact same path every time and the gms don't do anything about it. Their comeback is well if they talk after me trying to get ahold of them after 5 mins, they aren't afk lol. So, you're telling me after 686k runs if they are there (which they aren't) they never stumble and get off path lol mmmmmmmmmmmmk. It's obvious that they are scripting this. If you put a box down on their stop coordinates filled with 125 items, they run around in circles like chickens with their heads cut off lol! 

So, I am calling out the devs and mesanna to do something about this. Its way out of control and it's their fault because they have let it go this far. I was to guess there's at least 100 toons running trade runs by scripting (Tram and slims). In Tram all you have to do is look at the stones by the banks and you can tell if they are being scripted. Shouldn't be that hard for the gms to figured out which cities they need to look at to investigate scripting. 

There needs to be something done about this. It shouldn't be hard to fix this.

Thanks for your time.


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    What do you get from trade runs?
  • If you assume people are doing this in FEL / slim for the chance to get Slim's Shadow Veil, it's been posted the odds of that drop are about 1/10,000.

    If you assume each trade run can be done in 2-5 minutes, that's on order of 20,000-50,000 minutes of very grindy play time to line up with those odds.

    If automation is being used, that shouldn't be too much of a surprise.

    (I think only paid accounts can do trade runs, so that may be a factor as well).
  • This has nothing to do with slims mempos. Those are worthless now with the fc robes etc. It has everything to do with sot scrolls that these people are making tons of plats off of. The devs/gms/mesanna don’t do anything about it. It’s just like an open hunting season. 
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    Whats a sot scroll?
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    This is not the correct path to report cheating in game. Please use in game systems. 
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