GMs and Mesanna have truly given up. Same guy up to 3 bots 23/7 but they're legit players sure!

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Looks like all the GMs and Mesanna have given up. 3 bots running 23/7 all doing the same thing. No one cares. GM's never show up to check on them either even if you page. These players are completely unresponsive otherwise, will never talk back or do anything. Just afk multibotting away.

Make sure to page:
Paperdoll, press help.
> Another player is harassing me
> Physical Harassment
> Type in there are 3 players multiboxing heartwood
> Target involved players
> Complaint target -> target cursor -> click player bar, one for each character.
> Ok.

Email mesanna (copy/paste for ease):
Hi, there are 3 players afk in heartwood Atlantic trammel 23/7 multiboxing heartwood quests. Do something, please?
<your name here>

I will be slow to reply because I cannot log in/stay logged in to the forums. Just remember I'm always right before you reply to my posts.

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