Using AI to create UO style pixel art

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I’ve seen a lot of discussion on how AI could be used to create interactive NPC dialogue. But that seems like it would be very costly to implement with really no tangible benefit. 

One place I think AI could really help out would creating new art. There is already a huge database of prior UO art it can learn from. It would also allow the one or two artists to produce much more content if they can take generated art and spend minutes touching up compared to hours if started from scratch. 

It should even theoretically be possible to make entire new monsters since the animation is sprite based. 

This could be expanded further in other areas. You could even copy old event code and ask to rewrite it into a new event you want to make. Or even bug fixing. 

I hope the team has been exploring the power of AI to increase what can be done for development to UO. 


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    I played around  with some AI art after reading this. Mixed results but very entertaining. I think or at least HOPE that we will start seeing AI used to better the game.
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    Y'all haven't ever seen the Terminator movies, have you.
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