Looking For A Good Guild To Join

KenjoKenjo Posts: 1
my wife and me are looking to join a new guild on the Atlantic shard u can message me at discord at Jarrethil555#5637


  • HoundHound Posts: 1
    i'm looking aswell
  • EM PetrichorEM Petrichor Posts: 35Event Moderator
    Welcome to the shard!
  • DrakelordDrakelord Posts: 1,733
    This a very good guild on Atlantic.  I have my Alt characters in it.  But do not limit yourself to one shard, Yes you can play across another shards even if you can only have one house.  Mine home is on Sonoma, but I travel and fight across ever shard in this world.  I was on Yamato this morning and Europa was yesterday and today.  Tonight I will be on Sonoma, tomorrow Great Lakes.  Welcome back
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