The King's Royal Council

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The King's Royal Council on Atlantic

Table of Contents:
  1. Purpose
  2. Rules and Conduct
  3. Current Governors as of Summer 2023
  4. Event Ideas
  5. Questions? 


1. The Royal Council is meant to provide players with a sense of impact on Atlantic. Governors are offered some minor roleplay abilities in their cities like bestowing titles ("Soldier of Trinsic") onto their citizens and setting the town trade deal.

2. Player Governors are also encouraged to create storylines and experiences for themselves and their fellow players. This is the kind of position which lends itself well to the creative personality. As the King, the Event Moderators on Atlantic will do their best to incorporate these stories into the overall experience of the King's Council.

Rules and Conduct

1. Governors are expected to attend every meeting. Failure to attend once (without advanced notice) is a warning. A second failure to appear is immediate dismissal by the King with a replacement appointed as soon as possible. These positions are not meant to be occupied by the idle or unwilling! 

2. Governors are expected to be "in-character" in the Council Chambers. This is to help foster roleplay and give authenticity to the council meetings.

3. Likewise, the King will only respond in-character. Any out of character talk towards the King will likely be ignored. 

4. Please respect your fellow players and the Event Moderators. Disruptions of any kind will not be tolerated.

Current Atlantic Governors as of Summer 2023








Nick Carraway

New Magincia


Skara Brae

Tatiana Thorn




Pending the King’s Choice



Event Ideas

1. Governors are encouraged to hold events for their citizens. Providing your fellow Ultima Online players a rich, exciting experience should be the primary goal of being a player Governor.

2. Some example events:
--White Net tosses off the Magincia Docks
--Archery contest at the Skara Brae Ranger's Headquarters
--Story contest at the Salty Dog Tavern in Britain
--1 vs 1 PVP contest at the New Haven Arena
--Group Treasure Chests hunts in Eodon

All of these are the kinds of experiences that would please the King to hear his citizens engage in! UO is a social game, and the best kinds of moments are the ones we experience together.


We want to to work with you! The Royal Council can be a tremendously fun experience but it takes your involvement as players to make it happen.

If there are any questions or ideas you wish to bring up with your Atlantic EMs, email them to or DM me here and/or email them to  .

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