Dark Days In Cove, The Militia Is Formed!

In the coastal town of Cove, a sinister curse has befallen the once peaceful waters, plunging its residents into a nightmarish realm. The curse, of unknown origin, has created a twisted plane of existence where the town's inhabitants find themselves trapped, their surroundings shrouded in an ethereal fog. This enigmatic fog serves as the embodiment of the dream or nightmare, silently siphoning the life force of all living beings without causing physical harm.

Within this surreal nightmare, individuals often find themselves isolated, but in a familiar space yet separated from the familiar faces of the town that vanish without a trace. The eerie transformation of the surroundings further intensifies as the curse spreads, leading to the gradual decay of everything it engulfs. Most frequently, these unsettling events occur at the docks during the nocturnal hours, as the bay becomes enveloped in an ominous atmosphere.

To investigate and combat the curse, a recently formed group known as the Crown Militia has emerged in the town of Cove. This Militia of Guardsmen was established in response to a harrowing incident in which a squadron of Royal Guards en route to Minoc was mercilessly slaughtered on the shores of Cove, with only one survivor who succumbed to his injuries shortly after. The Crown Militia has taken upon itself the duty of protecting the lands and its terrified commoners by recruiting local farmers and miners into their ranks.

To serve as their stronghold and headquarters, the Crown Militia has constructed the formidable Crown Keep Citadel near a strategically positioned Guard outpost. This imposing fortress stands as a testament to their dedication in safeguarding the town. Leading the Crown Militia is Captain Jassi Cowin, a resolute and determined human male who commands his forces with a sense of purpose and unwavering loyalty to Cove.

While the Crown Militia actively investigates the origins and nature of the curse, a separate threat looms on the horizon—the Blackrock Altar. This unholy relic was summoned into existence by a cultist group known as the Zog Cabal. Their dark intentions and connection to the curse remain shrouded in mystery, yet their presence and involvement cannot be ignored. The Crown Militia must tread cautiously, for the sinister influence of the Zog Cabal may hold the key to unraveling the enigma that has befallen Cove.

As the townsfolk await salvation from the cursed nightmare, their hopes lie in the Crown Militia's unwavering determination to protect their lands and uncover the truth. Will Captain Jassi Cowin and his forces manage to break the curse's hold on Cove, or will the dream-like plane of existence continue to devour the life force of all living things? Only time will reveal the answers as the battle between light and darkness wages on within the fog-laden streets of Cove.

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