Sea Storms

Many tasks have taken my time as of late and preparing The Market for Spring Storms was last on the list. I had procrastinated for weeks, but it was time to do something. The Market creatures needed stabled, and the shutters needed closed and locked. The morning had been dark an dreary, signs of an approaching storm was coming. The magics I had felt in the air the last several weeks was intense this morning. My fingertips were burning perhaps just the cold winds chilling me making them feel frost bitten. The winds from across the sea were picking up and debris began to fly through the air. Turning to look out over the waters I saw ships being tossed about like toys, and then one completely capsized. Oh my this one is going to be a doozy. At that moment I saw a tarp from a ship cargo flying towards me as I swung my arm out to block it, fire emitted from my fingertips, and turned the tarp to ashes within seconds. Holding my hands out in front of me looking at my fingers I was in shock, never had this happened before. Well, that was something new, I thought. Ossian had seen me struggling to lock the shutters and ran to help, looking at me oddly he began to talk as we worked to protect the windows, " I saw the flames, you are coming into new magic, aren't you?", I nodded and continued working. Not much more was said after that as we finished up covering the glass of the windows. "Let's go shut up the shutters at the Inn and the Council Hall....and by the way I am glad you found us" I kindly said to him and smiled. " Not sure where the Kid is .... looking around for Latch. Always here except when its stormy. I think he is afraid the storms will carry him away from us" as I finish my sentence, I notice him in the top of the tower at the Council House. He wasn't paying attention to me just looking out to sea and hollering something I couldn't make out. Turning to look back at the sea I saw what he was pointing at, huge dark blue waves, almost black in color and they were about to hit land. There wasn't time to make it back to the Apothecary and Ossian and I both darted towards the Council House, screaming at Latch to get out of the tower and inside. The winds were howling, and the building shook every now an again. I hoped that my Sisters were safe. During the next few moments, I heard a beating on the door. We need to open it, what if its someone trying to escape the storms, opening the door slowly a head popped around the opening of the door, it was Hellig, I snatched his collar and pulled him inside. Lighting a candle for light, even inside the flame flickered frantically and my fingertips still burned. The magic was growing.......

~to be continued
Jaden Rain
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