Classic Client - Item properties not being displayed in the Vendor Search screen

Lieutenant_DanLieutenant_Dan Posts: 195
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Good morning everyone,
I am having a problem with the item properties not being displayed when mousing over the Vendor search windows.  I have it set to follow mouse and works just fine for everything else in game.

I started having this issue after replacing my hard drive and installing a new windows 11 (with current updates).  I then installed and did a full file patch of the classic client.

I've tried everything i can think of with the in-game settings to correct the issue but perhaps i missed something.  If not then it could be an issue with windows 11?  I don't know...  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you

The pic below is my VS window not showing anything when moused over.

And here is my mouse over working properly for in-game items



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